Dreamer's World February 19 2015 - Very Cold

     Thursday is off to a very cold start. The temperature has risen to 13 degrees! It is the wind that is making things really miserable here this morning. The wind chills are below zero and tomorrow is forecast to be even colder. I know that Spring is just over a month away, and I wish that it would get here sooner because I am tired of the bitter cold. At least the days are getting longer, and that is the most reassuring sign that Winter is slowly coming to an end here.
    Of course, it wouldn't be a Thursday if there were not some type of network issue here at the office. A firewall that has been malfunctioning for weeks remains down, and therefore I cannot access a system that I really need for my job. I cannot do anything more than mention this again at the daily conference call since the firewall is operated by another company and just griping at them will do on good.  Since there has never been an ETR (Estimated Time to Repair) the firewall, I have work that is just piling up that will have to be done once the problem is resolved.
   When I get home this afternoon, I plan to do some more writing and to relax. I cannot think of anything that we need at home, so there will be no reason to go out into the cold. Actually, Hal and I notified the apartment community about renewing our lease yesterday aafter I got home from work, and that is something that we won't have to have worrying us later. We like the place we are at, and will hopefully be there for several more years. 

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